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Wanted – Memories of Peter Norman (1942-2006)

Tuesday October 16th will be the 50th anniversary of Australian Peter Norman winning the silver medal for a 200 metre sprint at the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games.

Coburg Historical Society wants to collect and publish the memories of people who met Peter Norman through his work as a butcher, teacher, actor,   athlete, footy coach or umpire or Brunswick resident.  We want to compile a Tribute pamphlet to share with his family and the interested public.

If you have some memories or know of people who have them, please write down the memories  stating where and how you came to meet or saw Peter and when (year or decade?)?  What do you remember about your meeting? If you have a photo, can you please send us a photocopied or duplicate copy or scan it and e-mail it to us?

Please send your memories, scans or photocopies to  (re Peter Norman Tribute).


Mail to Peter Norman Tribute, Coburg Historical Society, Post Office Box 295, Pascoe Vale South Victoria 3044

To allow compilation of the Tribute, please send your memories and  images to us no later than Monday September 3rd 2018.


Will you help save the heritage value of the Coburg and Moreland Railway Stations and infrastructure?

The Upfield Railway line is the only railway line in Melbourne with both Victorian Heritage Register listing and covered by a Moreland Council Heritage Overlay. The Moreland and Coburg Station buildings are both heritage buildings (as well as Brunswick and Jewell stations). Despite this, the level crossing removal authority has given an option of sky railing over both Bell Street and Moreland Road. The other option is trenching. The traffic lights at Main-Hudson Streets, retention of existing pedestrian lights east of the line, and Bell Street/Sydney Road traffic lights will still stop and delay traffic in this vicinity. No details of how the appearance and character of the historic railway stations will be affected by the options has been given. The consultation has been secretive, limited to 2 drop ins, one of which I found listed in the Moreland Leader Council page. Residents living near the Upfield line but lacking computer access to the survey, unaware of the drop ins and having  telephones which cannot make 1300 calls have been shut out of the consultation. The survey does not outline or mention the possible impact on the heritage buildings, concentrates on train users and near by residents and does not ask which option you favour. The Moreland Council is yet to take a stand on either option.

For the Moreland Council position see:

Information about the two designs under consideration is available at Your Level Crossing

The lesser impact on the heritage infrastructure appears to be achieved by trenching the line at Bell Street and Coburg Station and Moreland Road and Moreland Station.

You can sign a petition for trenching at:

Petition –

You can look at the Level Crossing Removal Authority Bell Street and Moreland Road removal survey at:

Online feedback is open until 5:00pm on Thursday 9 August.

So please act now to save the character of our heritage Railway Stations!


Changes to meetings

Please note that in 2018 our meetings will be in the Coburg Library Meeting Room, but not necessarily on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Our 2018 meeting times for the first half of the year are:

Thursday, 22 February 2018, 8pm. ‘The Bush Reserve Archaeological Dig and William Thomas – Aboriginal Protector’. (Moreland Libraries Read More programme joint event so please register if you want to attend.)

Saturday, 17 March 2018, 1.45pm. A tribute to Olympic silver medallist former Coburg athlete and Brunswick local Peter Norman. (Moreland Historical Societies combined meeting)

 Thursday, 22 March 2018, 8pm. Janine Rizzetti : ‘Judge Willis the first Port Phillip judge and early Melbourne’.

Monday 16 April, 8 pm. The Australian Light Horse and the Palestine campaign during WW1, Dr William Chauvel (grandson of General Harry Chauvel).

Wednesday 16 May, 8 pm: The 8 Hour Day, Dr Peter Love.

Saturday, 16 June 2018, 1.45pmTony Atkinson and Lynn Smailes: ‘A 1960s Pom‘s life as a doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital and around Coburg’.

Saturday 21 July, 1.45 pm: Peter Norden, ‘Pentridge Prison: Another Voice from the Other Side’

 For more details please click here

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