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COVID19-Community Collecting and future Exhibition

In April CHS members and Moreland residents started to help collecting COVID19- related material, relevant to Coburg.

Every brochure, community notice, government leaflet, photo and story is an important contribution to our collection and will help to document the history of this extraordinary and challenging time we are facing. Through these documents and memories we will be able to tell future generations about the impact this pandemic had on our society.

In May we successfully applied for a COVID-19 Rapid Response 2020 grant from the Inner North Community Foundation towards a future exhibition that will compare the pandemics from 1918 and 2020 in Coburg.

Volunteers with all their different skills are involved in the structuring and curation of the exhibition. Do you want to get involved in researching, curating and organising this exhibition? If so, please get in contact with us via email.

right: Michael Hamel-Green

It would be great if you could keep everything you’ve gathered until the Bluestone Cottage reopens again and please make sure that you don’t put yourself at risk while gathering the material and keep social distancing!

Please feel free to send photos at any time via email (coburghistory@gmail.com).


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